Stuck in Los Angeles

Friday, April 14, 2006, Malibu, CA
Well, almost a week in LA and we've seen not much more than garages, tyre shops and various other mechanics hangouts, all in rather unattractive locations (as they usually are)! The good news is that we have 4 new tyres (initially they sold us the wrong ones for the weight the truck's carrying, then the first place refused to do the alignment with wrong tyres, back to the tyre place, after much fuss Juergen got the correct, much more expensive, tyres for no extra charge, and then the first place found they couldn't do the alignment anyhow, because the camper struts [legs] blocked their laser, referral to another place, another appointment, another wait, the story went on and on) and finally we got a wheel alignment with the camper on so that our front end doesn't look bow-legged! And good news also that the projected $1800 repair bill was pretty much over-kill, and we have now had our 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions and we can live with the noise, and the springs in Fords like ours are "just like that" - "replace them and ½ a year from now they will look like that again." The last place even praised the rest of the front axle for being in better condition than many newer models...
The bad news is that it took 4 days to get to this point, with just a half day off on Tuesday to drive all the way south to Long Beach so that Yasha could get her hair cut and we could go to Sushi of Naples with Suzy again (the food is still really good). And somewhere in the midst of this Yasha put her back out and is spending considerable amount of time at the chiropractor and on her back. The chiropractor is a very nice person and looked after her for almost the whole day yesterday, whilst Juergen was dealing with car stuff, too far away to come and pick Yasha up.
But the RV Park is a nice place to be and a very reasonable price, so I guess we'll stay here until the back is better and we've seen what we want to see of LA. Last Sunday, we at least went to Venice Beach - along with thousands of others, local and visitor alike - and checked out the 'scene'. I'm not sure if I understand the fascination, but you have a look at the photos and make up your own minds!

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